April 30, 2014



My name is Kendra McLaughlin. I’ve written and will perform a one woman, one act play about three women who visit their therapist on a typical Tuesday evening.

I am an actress and artist who lives in Pittsburgh, Pa. For ten years, I have wanted to write a one woman show. I thought it would be a fun, rewarding experience. I wanted to build something of my own, so with that in mind, I started Playground Productions, a full service production company with a creative goal to tell stories of significance that inspire, provoke emotion, reflection and incite action.

My original, one woman, one act play, “You Can’t Have An Orgasm With Me” was born out of that desire. ”You Can’t Have An Orgasm With Me” is a provocative, hilarious, touching, story about three different women who each visit their therapist on a typical Tuesday evening. One Woman loves snakes, one woman talks on the phone, and one woman believes in the transforming power of butterflies. The concept was born out of several years experience working as a child and adult therapist, consulting with people in various stages of recovery, especially women who had suffered emotional trauma. Their stories affected me, and I thought I could translate them into some universal truths about vulnerability. It is scheduled to be performed Mother’s Day Weekend, May 9th and 10th, 2014 at the Greybox Theatre in Lawrenceville.

I am looking to raise $1500 from this campaign, and I only have a short time to do it. In order to cover director fees as well as fees for a Lighting Designer, a Sound Designer, a Stage Manager, a board operator, publicity, marketing, costumes, insurance and documentation to fulfill the requirements of the grant, I need this program to be successful. Any amount will help!