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April 26, 2014

Grey Box Theatre

One Woman Play

My original, one woman, one act play, “You Can’t Have An Orgasm With Me” is a provocative, hilarious, touching story about the healing power of vulnerability.  The play revolves around three different women who each visit their therapist on a typical Tuesday evening.  One woman loves snakes, one woman talks on the phone and one woman believes in the transforming power of butterflies. The concept was born out of several years experience working as a child and adult therapist, consulting with people in various stages of recovery, especially women who had suffered emotional trauma.  Their stories affected me, and I thought I could translate them into some universal truths about vulnerability.

“What a phenomenal performance, script, production! You are oozing talent, Girl. WOW. WOW. WOW.”
Kris Meldrum Denholm

“Kendra McLaughlin gave us a superb evening of theater: top notch acting and writing. What a complete and utter joy to cheer her on. I don’t know when I have been so utterly blown away.”
Charlotte Sonne

“It is the perfect mix of comedy, wit, drama (trauma), compassion, survival. Thank you, Kendra! You have captured humanity so perfectly!”
Claudia Melendez Ardiles

“It struck nerves with me and that’s what the truth does!…You uncovered a deep well spring of womens’ condition….It spoke universally….You knocked it out of the park.”


Category: acting